Open Immunization Software - Summer 2013

Immunization Information Systems (IIS), also known as immunization registries, are a critical technology asset for public health. They track immunization rates with in a state or region and help individual people keep track of their immunization histories. The primary goal of this project is improve the technological capital available to IIS located in the United States. The efforts of this project are focused on:

1 Software Developer

Nathan Bunker has worked for the past 9 years as a software developer on dozens of immunization registry projects. Now he is working to establish a permanent open source project that will benefit all IIS projects across the nation.

7 Software Projects

  1. Data Quality Assurance
  2. Immunization Registry Tester
  3. HL7 Parser
  4. CDS Forecasting Framework
  5. TCH Forecaster
  6. OIS Patient Matching
  7. Simple Message Mover

Continuous Education